Mother Ruckers Sweets Cookie Brittle, Cocoa

All natural. Sweet and simple. Our scratch-baked, buttery, Cocoa cookies Brittle cookies are made with natural cocoa powder, real butter, and a touch of vanilla in perfect proportions that was inspired by a family recipe. These wafer-thin, crunchy cookies are perfect with a glass of milk, or as an afternoon snack - take time and enjoy. Try all irresistible varieties of Mother Rucker's Sweets Cookie Brittles. We've crafted each cookie with care, and bake with simple, quality ingredients. Take time to enjoy and surrender, one sweet bite at a time. At Mother Rucker's Sweets we take great satisfaction in making our premium sweets. Baking isn't just our pastime - it's our passion! We search for the finest ingredients and bake everything ourselves. Our recipes are originals, and combined with our unique baking processes, we deliver the most delicious baked creations you've ever tasted! Bite after bite, you'll discover there's no taste like Mother Rucker's Sweets! Taste the love.