Hex Performance Laundry Detergent, Fresh & Clean Scent

32 loads. Clean up your activewear. Eliminates odors with technology, not perfumes. Removes the gunk and funk other detergents leave behind. Protects fabrics from losing that new-clothes feeling. For all machines including HE. What the Hex? The Hex Molecule is the real deal. We're talking deep-cleaning tech so advanced that it can penetrate even the tightest-knit performance fabrics. It targets and eliminates odors at the source. It creates a shield against stains, stink and static. And it makes clothes feel as fresh as the first time. Hex yeah. Awesome for Fabrics: Designed for activewear. Great for everything. Goop Free: Pours like water because chemical thickeners just muck things up. hexperformance.com. Friends don't let friends abuse their activewear. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. People and Planet-Friendly: No harsh perfumes for happy skin. Biodegradable for a healthy earth. Please recycle. What good is clean laundry without a clean planet to wear it on?