Callies Hot Little Biscuits, Buttermilk, Hot Little

6 handmade biscuits. No preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. 4 simple ingredients. Made by hand. Hot + ready. The Callie's adventure started in 2005. With the goal of making my mother's tender, buttery, handmade biscuits a tradition for biscuit lovers near & far. Whether you're devouring these decadent biscuits around the kitchen table or in one of our Callie's hot little biscuit eateries, we love being a part of your culinary adventures. Enjoy! Carrie Morey, Founder. Southern Staples in store, online, or served hot + ready at Callie's hot little biscuit eateries. Biscuit. Biscuit mix. Pimento cheese. Cheese. Carolina grits. Cocoa & creams. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. (at)CalliesHotLittleBiscuit. (hashtag)BeaBiscuit. Made in USA.