Grand Marnier Liqueur, Orange & Cognac

Cordon rouge. Maison Fondee en 1827. Paris - France. Grand Marnier has been a landmark of French style around the world since its creation by my grandfather, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. Made exclusively from French cognac combined with wild oranges grown in our plantation in the West Indies, our family recipe has never changed and is still crafted with the same care and passion in Bourg Charente, Cognac France. We hope you will share a moment of joie de vire with us by enjoying Grand Marnier chilled or in a classic cocktail such as the grand Smaub. A votre sante! - Jacques Marnier Lapostolle. 40% alc./vol. Imported by Marnier - Lapostolle Co. New York, NY. Product of France.