Big Store Variety with Old Fashioned Personalized Service

Our produce department stocks many organic or local products especially in the summer. We pride ourselves on having a fresh wide variety of fruits and vegetables all year long.

Our meat and seafood are what we are known for to build your family meal around. We only offer Chairman’s Reserve Beef which is USDA graded at the very highest level of Choice Grade Beef. We also carry Gerber’s Amish Farms Chicken. We cut and package our meat at the store. Try our different varieties of stuffed gourmet burgers. Our fishmonger will help you with your seafood selections.

Our deli department specializes in Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses sliced to order.

Our dairy department features Central Ohio produced items like Smith’s Dairy products and Happy Chicken Farm Grade AA eggs the best grade of eggs. Additionally, we carry Snowville Creamery milk and yogurts.

Our Grocery Department has local products like Warner’s Maple Syrup and Harv’s Bees Honey, Snacks like Conn’s, Jones and Ballreich’s Potato Chips to exotic spices and ingredients to make any foodie happy.

Our bakery department also has a list of goodies to choose from.

We have many hard to find gourmet ingredients and spices with a wide variety of gluten-free food options. We have unique recipe items for foodies

We also are an Ohio Lottery agents selling scratch off and Power Ball, Classic, Mega Millions and daily games.

We are Granville’s only retail hard liquor for sale complimented with a very nice selection of wines, liquors and are known for our large selection of craft and imported beer.

Why Ross' Granville Market?

  • Organic Products
  • Choice Grade Beef
  • Community Driven Market
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Boar’s Deli Meat & Cheese Sliced to Order